Barkın Engin


Barkın Engin is a musician, audio engineer, and academician from Istanbul, Turkey. He has received his M.A. & Ph.D. degrees at Advanced Studies in Music (MIAM) program (Istanbul Technical University). His research areas include music production, sound design for various media, and sonic arts.

Engin has been a performing musician since the late 90s. He continues to release records with bands such as Replikas, Reverie Falls On All, Pitohui, and Yerçekimi, besides featuring as a solo artist on various albums. He has contributed to multi-cultural musical projects such as Verklaerte Zeit, Yolda, and Breath Song as a composer and performer.

Recently, he works as an associate professor at Bahcesehir University and as a freelance audio engineer/sound designer for music and film productions.

Photo by Delizia Flaccavento.


Jan 20, 2024 Concert: RFOA @ Yeldeğirmeni Sanat (Noise Media Art Fair)
Jan 04, 2024 Concert: RFOA @ arkaoda (Ableton meets Istanbul)
Nov 14, 2023 Concert: Pitohui @ Müze Gazhane
Nov 12, 2023 Concert: Pitohui @ Karga
Jun 02, 2023 Concert: Pitohui @ Salon IKSV