Reworks by Pitohui & wipeç is out now via Shalgam Records.

Listen @ Spotify.

Afrobars (Pitohui Rework)

“Afrobars” from wipeç’s debut LP E.V. is built on a short but catchy synth loop. Pitohui reimagined the original track by adding more layers, more tension, and some new dynamics.


Samples from: wipeç

Guitar: Barkın Engin

Synthesizer: Burak Tamer

Bass: Cem Kayıran

Drums, drum machine, fx: Berkay Küçükbaşlar

Mix & mastering: Barkın Engin, Burak Tamer

Cover art: Deniz Bankal, Aylin Güngör

Buhid Gallspat (wipeç Gallo EP Rework)

wipeç’s twist on the full Gallo EP by Pitohui. The rework contains sounds from the entire EP, with no additional material. Sounds from the EP are used as samples, textures and made into instruments to create the track.


Samples from: Pitohui

Composed, arranged, produced, and mixed by: Ahmetcan Gökçeer

Mastering by: Barkın Engin

Cover art: Deniz Bankal, Aylin Güngör